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Founded in 2008, Babbel is an online language school supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Its rapid learning system encourages students to speak from the very beginning in the language they wish to learn.

The panel of idioms taught is quite wide and incorporates to date the following: German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Dutch, Polish and Russian.

To learn more, feel free to visit the website:

Babbel’s teaching method is based on daily life conversations. This approach leads the student to speak with confidence as early as possible. Babbel’s language classes can be used anywhere, everywhere, as it’s possible to learn on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone app. To date, this leader in online language learning has more than 17 million registered users. Finally, the prices of subscriptions are quite moderate, since they range from €5 to €12.99 per month depending on the formula chosen. See details at the end of this article.

Once the enrollment step has been completed and the email address confirmed, people can start writing exercises. On the other hand, this community platform allows the exchange of messages with other users, as chatting and writing on the board. In terms of courses content, the topics of conversation are varied. There is plenty of choice from culinary vocabulary to idiomatic expressions, or even the theme of love and romance.

Each lesson lasts 15 minutes in general, and covers some of the most important practical topics, such as presentations, restaurant ordering, and travel vocabulary. For the record, 73% of the users surveyed said they were capable of supporting a basic conversation after twenty lessons approximately.

Babbel Subscription Rates

Here is, and for information purposes only, the list of prices found in February 2020 on

  • 1 month: €12.99, charged every month
  • 3 months: €10/month, or €29.99 charged every 3 months
  • 6 months: €7.50/month, or €44.99 charged every 6 months (their best seller)
  • 12 months: €5/month, or €59.99 charged every 12 months (their best value)

The prices indicated above include VAT.

Please note that subscriptions are cancelable anytime, up until the day before it renews. Please, read carefully those terms and conditions on the Babbel website.

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