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Guitar-online has released a series of guitar courses called How to Play the Guitar. Available in 3 volumes, they are intended for various levels, from absolute beginners who want to learn to master the guitar, to advance player. Designed by a french guitar coach, they take the student step-by-step through the basics of playing rock, blues, folk, and also classical music on the acoustic or electric.

The videos, tablatures, audios and explanations are designed for people without any former musical education, who want to learn at their own speed. As a matter of fact, all instruction is written in both tablature and musical notation. The video tutorials teach how to handle the instrument, and explain the right position each hand. They teach how to move fingers of the left hand when playing effortless, repeated patterns using the right hand. Recreating the atmosphere of an individual guitar lesson, these courses cover widespread flaws encountered by nearly all students. This could be problems in keeping rhythm, or fingering and musical interpretation. Every lesson is progressively more complicated, and builds on former lessons.

Volume II is for beginning and intermediate performers. It deals with guitar skills, technique, and musical theory. Volume II explains how to master hammering-on and pulling-off, arpeggios, flat picking and finger-picking, chords, basic rhythms, etc. Volume III goes even further with increasingly complex songs. All guitar tutorials may be acquired with or without videos. The non-video versions are downloadable, and the video editions are delivered on CD-ROM.

Other programs are also available, like an ear training software, a string-instrument tuner for open-tunings, a metronome, etc. The video editions include tips and advices for each exercise, as well as videos of both hands. Aside from that, each of the exercises are presented in standard MIDI format, and some guitar parts can be played with a bass and drums accompaniment to keep time.

Other programs are also available, like an ear training software, a string-instrument tuner for open-tunings and a metronome. Guitar-Online Marketplace provides also tutorials and applications from other authors, like piano lessons, vocal coaching, programs for music practice, etc.

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