Singing Success 360: video lessons & complete program by Brett Manning

Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360 is the number one method for singers wishing to learn how to sing or improve their voice.

The Singing Success 360 concept offers a lot of products to singers. First, there is The complete method, previously know as Singing Success Full Program, which is the main tutorial. It is meant for those who want to learn vocal style as well as technique, how to gain an octave of vocal range. It teaches alos how to lose strain on the high notes and how to erase vocal break, and much more…

On Brett Manning’s website there are also 3 companion item called The Mastering Series. There is one for mastering mix, which is the blending of chest voice with head voice. This technique helps to sing high tones with ease and powerfully. The second one is for mastering harmony which teaches how to sing harmony by using easy training methods. The third one is for mastering vibrato, which is a guide for singers who need to control this fundamental technique, to sustain notes in various contexts.

To learn more about all products and lessons, feel free to visit this page: All Products Available
To learn more about Singing Success 360, feel free to go to: Singing Success 360 Full Program

The team of singers also provides online singing lessons for less than $1 an hour. This offer was previously on the Singing Success TV channel which seems to be discontinued. But subscriptions are now open on the Singing Success website. These are not a live session, but prerecorded video lessons with top level vocal coaches like Brett Manning, Shelby Rollins, Chris Keller or Jesse Nemitz… This section also features vocal tips, networking with other singers, artist interviews and much much more…

For students who need an interaction with the vocal coach, there are one-to-one live video classes. It is pretty expensive, but these voice teachers are among the best. These individual singing lessons are taught by the master himself and his associates. So far, to book 10 lessons with Brett Manning costs $2,550 if you use the 15COACHES coupon. The others charge from $90 to $250 by session. This cost depending of the number of courses.

In the previous version of the website there was an interesting section with the most amazing “before & afters” testimonials from regular customers, major label artists, celebrities and much much more… It has been replaced with “Success stories” from stars like Clark Beckham, the American Idol Finalists which confirms that these lessons eventually added one full octave to his range by the time he has completed the program.

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  1. Seems impressive with range extension, vocal registers mix and whistle register (which I’ve never heard before)

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